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Working Together To Put Your Kids First

Whether you are a parent who is getting divorced or your relationship with your co-parent has ended, you need a solid child support plan, and you need to know how much child custody will be paid. At Landon Law, LLC, I help parents work out their child-related conflicts with compassion and determination to find a solution that works for their kids.

I am honored to be a certified case manager. That means I am one of the few attorneys in Kansas authorized to study child custody conflicts and make recommendations to the court. I know how sensitive these disputes can be. My goal in every custody disagreement is to use my skill and experience to find an answer that puts your children’s best interests first while balancing your rights as a parent.

I am also a Guardian Ad Litem. This is a court-appointed role to represent the best interests of the child during divorce hearings. In this role, I am primarily involved in negotiations concerning custody arrangements.

While Kansas family law states that joint custody between the parents is preferred, the law also allows one parent to receive sole custody. This means the child lives with one of their parents. That parent also has the sole right to make important decisions about their upbringing. Typically, the other parent receives visitation time. Sole custody is usually needed when one parent is unfit or unable to help raise the child, for example, due to mental illness or being in prison.

Factors Considered In Child Custody Disputes

When parents cannot agree on custody and a judge must decide, the law directs them to consider several factors such as:

  • The parents’ preferences
  • The child’s preferences, if they are old enough
  • The child’s educational and health needs

The child’s best interests are the top priority, not the parents’ legal rights or preferences.

Child Support In Kansas

Like most states, Kansas uses a formula to determine how much the noncustodial parent should pay in child support. Factors include the parents’ current gross incomes, their earning capacities, the number of children involved and those children’s ages.

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