I Am Your Legal Voice And Advocate

Handling Your Divorce With Compassion And Integrity

Going through a divorce can be a lonely and frightening experience, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right attorney as your partner, you can get through your divorce with a minimum of stress and anxiety – and with better results for yourself and your children. My name is Heather Landon. At Landon Law, LLC, my clients are more than just case files to me. Together, you and I will form a partnership and fight for a favorable outcome when it comes to key issues like child custody, child support, alimony and property division.

Having practiced law in Kansas since 2000, I am an experienced family law litigator and negotiator who has have helped hundreds of people get through the divorce process. You can trust me to commit my skills, attention and compassion to your best interests.

Get Your Fair Share Of The Marital Assets

Whether you earned an income or worked as the primary homemaker during your marriage, you deserve an equitable – or “fair” – share of the marital assets you and your spouse acquired. This does not have to be an exact 50-50 split, giving you and your ex room to negotiate. I will work with you to develop a sound negotiation strategy based on your individual needs. If negotiations break down, I will not hesitate to take the disagreement to court to ensure a fair settlement.

Protecting Your Children

As a certified case manager, I care deeply about how divorce affects children. I am a trained and qualified Guardian Ad Litem and always put the best interests of the children as one of my top priorities. You can count on me to work hard to get what’s best for your kids while also respecting your rights as one of their parents. I will work tirelessly to negotiate a child custody or visitation plan that allows your children to continue thriving and living in a supportive, stable environment.

Your Partner In The Divorce Process

Divorce is not easy. But working with me can make the process much less stressful. Find out more during a free initial consultation. Contact Landon Law, LLC, in Olathe by calling 913-355-1202 to schedule an appointment.